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Why a Spring AC Replacement is a Good Idea in San Antonio

If your system is over 10-15 years old, needs frequent repairs, and or you’ve noticed increasing energy bills, it might be time to get a spring AC replacement! If you are planning a new AC system purchase and not being forced to buy one because yours quit working, consider timing the purchase to optimize comfort, […]

Why a Heater Check Is a Good Idea

You may think you’re saving yourself money by not getting your heater or furnace checked out each year but regular maintenance including tune-ups and inspections can make a big difference in your heater’s ability to do its job. Here are 3 reasons why heater maintenance will benefit you and your system in the long run. […]

Why We Chose YORK AC

YORK® began their commitment to building quality home comfort products over 140 years ago. In York, Pennsylvania, a manufacturing company began producing ice machines and eventually the YORK company extended their expertise in refrigeration to other areas. Today, YORK® heating and cooling products are used in some of the most well-known structures such as the […]

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts play an important role in your air conditioning and heating system’s ability to perform efficiently. Over time, normal operation can cause dust and debris to accumulate especially if your home is located in a highly polluted area. In some extreme cases of buildup, dirty air ducts can decrease your AC’s efficiency by up […]

How Long Should Your AC Run?

You may be noticing that your air conditioner is cutting in and out frequently or maybe it feels like it never turns off at all? Whichever predicament you may be in, you may find yourself wondering if this is normal? Find out exactly how your AC should be running. The first step of understanding a […]

Why a Compressor Saver (Hard Start Kit) is a Good Idea

Have you ever noticed your lights dimming when your air conditioner turns on? During an air conditioning system’s start up, it consumes 5 to 10 times more electricity than it does when it is already running. This surge of power creates heat that can damage the terminals, winding, run capacitor, and compressor. The compressor is […]

AC Fins Bent or Damaged?

Although your condenser may seem to be functioning properly, the coils have AC fins which typically become bent with normal use over time. The longer you neglect bent AC fins, the more it may restrict your air flow or other functionalities of the system.  This may lead to higher operating costs or even premature parts failure. […]

How Spring Maintenance Can Save You Money

The hot summer temperatures are quickly approaching us here in Texas, causing more stress for your cooling systems. While your systems are working hard this summer to keep you cool and comfortable, you may be asking yourself – is my AC in good enough condition to handle that responsibility? It may be time for your […]

Air Conditioner – Repair or Replace?

When it comes to your heating and air system, deciding whether or not it is time to repair or replace your system can be an important yet difficult decision. As a homeowner, we at Cool Guys believe that you need to inform yourself with all things that must be considered before reaching out for a […]

Before You Turn Your AC Back On…

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